SterrewegThankYouEach one of our stars is unique like every other person. At Die Sterreweg we divide the kids into 2 classes, the Rainbow Class and the Glitter Class. ln the Rainbow Class the children are mentally challenged and get a very basic educational program. In our Glitter Class all the children are mentally and physically challenged. The focus in the Glitter Class is on physiotherapy to improve the molor-skills of these little stars. Every child has its own goals set up where the care givers work on throughout the year. Once a year every child gets evaluated on his/her progress and the goals are adjusted.


ln the morning our driver picks up the children who live in the other areas of Plettenberg Bay. At 8AM all the kids meet each other for the morning ring! During the morning ring all the children are greeted and sing songs together. At 8-30 class starts and the children get into their daily routine. ln the Glitter Class the kids are put into the standing frames or are positioned to improve their mobility. The Rainbow Class starts off with music therapy – The rest of the day the kids have their individual tasks and do stimulating activities together.

Once a week an occupational therapist together with a physiotherapist come to the centre to work with the children. They also perform evaluations, assessments and referrals to hospitals.

We see nutrition as a very important part in these vulnerable children’s lives, this is why they
get breakfast and a warm lunch at Die Sterreweg every day.

At 1PM the kids are brought back home and the caregivers clean up the classrooms and prepare for the next exciting day at Die Sterreweg!