Please contact us if you would like to assist with any of the below items

Children Equipment/Educational Equipment
Item Motivation Specifications
Trampoline large-  outside-  round with side tabs – built in ground Children love it and ideal for muscle relaxation of glitter class children and gross motor skills of rainbow class children No specification.
1 Wooden table of that can be cleaned easily This is for our  bigger girl.Currently she is still eating and working at small table 75cm with 1 adult chair
2 Adjustable standing frames We only have 2 at present and the number of CP children in the Glitter Class are increasing.
Battery operated toys This is for the children to train fine motor skills and action-reaction No specification
Simple story books with large pictures,animals.hard pages. Our teachers often need story books.The bigger/larger the picture the easier it is for them to understand the concept. No specification
Office Equipment
Item Motivation Specifications
Office blinds The current blinds in the office is in a bad state and not appealing to visitors
Beamer/Projector (High Priority) For presentations, workshops and trainings. Currently we borrow from other organisations. No specification
Lockable Cabinets With shelves.This will make it easier to keep important and valuable items safe and secured. Hinged door systems 900x450x1500H-4 Shelves
Office heater/aircon No specification
Office chairs (10 ) Proper office chairs needed for our offices as well as for our teachers. No specification
Printing Paper Due to the activities and programs we run at the centre as well as other administrative duties,we run out of paper easily and it is very costly to buy. Typek A4 Printing paper
Printer Ink We use alot of ink especially for the children’s creativity work,Individual Programs and continous notices from the department and our mother- body ·         PGBK 450 XL
Canon MX 924 ·         C 451 XL
·         BK 451 XL
·         M 451 XL
Kitchen Equipment
Item Motivation Specifications
Plates (dinner) This is for functions.We currently have to hire. No specification
Stainless steel electrical kettle Plastic kettle is hygienically not good No specification
Plastic cups with handles for children Most of the children need a cup with a handle and currently we do not have anough and some are not appropriate No specification
Outside Equipment
Item Motivation Specifications
Corridor floor paint This paint is used for heavy use and will make the corridor look much more appealing No specification