Young Juhaille Shines

Young Juhaille ShinesJuhaille was born in 2009 and was sadly diagnosed with meningitis in 2011. There after a Cat Scan showed Postenor fosa tumour and hydrocephalus which had to be removed. He frequently had to visit the Red Cross and Groote Schuur hospitals in Cape Town. He had received 6 weeks of radiotherapy all seemed to be going well. It was then discovered that the tumour had grown back and it had to be removed again. Young Juhaille was then admitted to Groote Schuur hospital again earlier this year for another 6 weeks to remove the second tumor. After all of the treatments and procedures this young brave boy has gone back to school and is now currently completing his Grade R year. With lots of therapy ,love and support we know that Juhaille will shine in the future.

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